Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sleepy Again

I swear she doesn't sleep all the time. And she really does have a reason this time. Gettin shots will wear you out.
Yesterday was our first check up at the doctor. She weighed in at 17 lbs. and is 27' long. She is on a 7 or 8 month level developmentally, which is not news to us. We are going to have her evaluated for early intervention to get her going on the right path. She has made sooo much progress in the 6 weeks we've had her. She has gone from barely siting up to sitting unassisted. She can sit herself up from her stomach. She is starting to scoot along the floor. And she has started a little bit of self feeding. Now if we can just get her to hold her own bottle....... Oh, and she babbles alot. Ma ma ma, da da da, Na na na. Squeals and laughs. So much fun.
So she's off to a great start.
She had two shots yesterday which caused a fever. And the Tylenol I gave her made her sleepy. Thus another sleeping in the bouncy photo.
*****I forgot to add that she will clap when we say "Yay!!" and she waves bye bye to herself when we say "bye bye". We are working on "So Big" with her hands raised and "where is Mama" "where is Dada".


prechrswife said...

Katherine agrees that those shots are rough stuff! The picture is priceless. :-)

Kate Tokar said...

I love it! I love reading your blog. It has been fun following your journey. We will be praying for her to quickly catch up. What a blessing you are to her life! Thanks for listening to God and going to rescue her! I know she will be just as big of a blessing to you! She is precious!

Karen said...

Hi Jen -

That is the sweetest kid! I could eat her up! Don't worry, she'll catch up pretty quick. Jeremy was way behind when we adopted him at 9 months, but he caught up and then excelled in just a few weeks. When we took him for his second checkup, the pediatrican said he looked like a different child! Seems like ya'll are having a blast!