Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rainy Day

Yesterday morning we woke to rain and the kids wanted to try out thier new umbrellas. Mike snapped this picture of the three of them. Charlie and Madi were playing dress up(Charlie is Boba Fett and Madi is a ballerina princess)and Nathan is dressed for his soccer game(BTW he scored two goals!!!!) They were out their for a good while until the rain started coming down hard. Then it was hurry scurry for the house. Mei was inside of course, but was laughing at them through the window. She thinks her big brothers and sister are hilarious. One day I'll put up some video of her just laughing at them. She gets everyone laughing.


prechrswife said...

Cute picture! Congratulations to Nathan, too!

our treasures said...

Things look to being great I am so glad for you and your family. Happy belated birthday Mei.