Monday, June 2, 2008

Mountain Vacation

Hi all....we've just returned from a fun-filled trip to the mountains. Since Mike took all of his vacation while in China, we did not think we'd get a family vacation this year. But we decided to go to Blairesville, GA where Mike's boss has an office so he could work from there. It really was a fun time although Mike was working. We stayed in a very nice cabin right on the creek. Which was wonderful for the kids until we spotted a snake. And then Mamma decided Daddy would have to bring them. And then Daddy decided the creek wasn't safe either when he saw two Water Moccosins. But the time spent on the creek was fun.

The other wonderful thing we got to do was visit my grandparents. They have lived in the mountains for almost 30 years. We had a great visit and they loved meeting Mei for the first time.